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International school of astrology and divine sciences(Tarot Gyan) announces one day Workshop on “Tarot Reading Classes in Mumbai”.  This workshop Covers complete prediction part. We have 78 cards in a deck, every card has many secrets. On the picture of tarot we see many designs, many shapes and many more secret things which are need to be reveal. We will teach you to play with Tarot cards. Workshop will be taken by World renowned Tarot Card Reader (in Mumbai) Dr. Himani J (Himani “Agyani”).

You will get a beautifully designed course kit: 1 set of “TAROT DECK”, Notebook and course study material and your lunch with “DR. HIMANI J” is included in this.

Please Call us for Details : +91-9636243039 | Mail Us:

tarot card reader in Mumbai

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