Types of Ganesha idol You should keep in Your Home

You should keep the Ganesha idol in your house because the Ganesha is a source of positive energies. Our house has so many types of unenthusiastic or harmful and positive energies which affect our lives in numerous ways. Sometime in our life something is happening just for no reason. We feel like why this occur to me and how is this possible. This type of query is running in our brain. You will be astonished to know that all these this is happening because of energies, which are present in our environment. Indian temples are our piece of society and traditions. India has a matchless hindu temple architecture which have their own import and values. In our nation,  indian temple architecture is based on Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shasta is about, how to build any temple or house which magnetize positive energies to you. Lets discuss more about which type of ganesha idol you should keep in your home to magnetize all positive energies towards your life.

You should keep in Your Home

It is also not a good idea to keep Ganesha statue in the bedroom, but if there is no other choice, keep the statue in the northeast area of the room and when you sleep, your feet must not point to the idols positioned in that spot. Here are the types of Ganesha that you can keep at your house… You can also consult our dev sthapana consultants to get proper tips.

Statute Made Of Mango And Peepal

Ganesha statue made up of from mango or peepal and neem tree is considered as blessed. Keeping them on the door can magnetize positive energy and good fortune. Consult our celebrity tarot card reader in mumbai for more tips and suggestions to a get happy life.

Cow Dung Ganesha Statue

Ganesha sculpture made up of cow dung is one of the luckiest idols you can always have. This type of statue is helpful in eliminating sorrows and magnetize good vibes.

Lord Ganesha Crystal Idols

The lord Ganesha crystal statute is good for eliminating all Vastu dishes from your house. Usually crystal sculpture is pretty expensive, but keeping a small sculpture of Ganesha made of crystal can revolutionize your life right away.

Ganesha Statue Made Up Of Turmeric

As per vastu, keeping Ganesha statue made up of turmeric can revolutionize your destiny without much effort. The presence of this statue in your house is extremely favorable.

Ganesha Statue Made By You

You can also worship Ganesha idol prepared by you. Worshipping such kind of statue will make your future bright. But, beware; don’t use any impure thing while making the sculpture. It can have unfavorable effect. Get remedies for your issues on Call with tarot card reader in delhi.

Vermilion to Ganesha

Those who wish self-accomplishment should bring vermilion color Ganpati at the house and worship daily.

Ganesha at workplace

If you are keeping the Ganesha’s idol at your place of work, memorize to place a statue of standing Ganesha. This brings enthusiasm and energy to work.

Sitting Ganesha

The statue of sitting Ganesha is best for worshipping in your home. Sitting Ganesha brings good fortune and accomplishment. You can also purchase sculptures from us just call us on a given number on our website you can also WhatsApp us to get your order. For more you can directly contact our best astrologer in jaipur.

Ganesha Trunk

Always place Ganesha with his trunk tilted towards his left hand in your home. Ganesha with his trunk twisted towards his right hand is tricky to please.

Ganesha, mouse and modak

Whenever you are placing the statue of Ganesha, remember that a mouse and Modak should be a part of the sculpture. It pleases Ganesha effortlessly.

One Ganesha statue

In your pooja-room, always place only one statue of Lord Ganesha. Keeping 2 or more Ganesha idols, disappoints Riddhi-Siddhi (Ganesha’s wives).

Ganesha Mantra

Followers should remember to propose Durva-dal (grass) to lord Ganesha daily. After offering grass, people should hymn this Ganpati mantra – ऊं गं गणपतये नम:

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Swastik and Lord Ganesha

Swastik is supposed to be a symbol of Lord Ganesha. Therefore, people suffering from any type of Vastu Dosha should keep a swastika at home too.

Silver Ganesha

A lot of families place pure silver Ganesha in their home. If your Ganesha statue is metallic, then you should keep it in the North East or South West direction.

Best place for Ganesha

Install Ganesha statue on a small wooden table or any other high platform. Place a tiny bowl of rice at the feet of the Ganesha statue to ensure wealth and good fortune.


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