Will Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) Helps You In Fighting With Corona?

Know How The Ritual Of Sanatana Dharma Will Help You In Fighting The Corona Virus

Sanatana Dharma is the oldest faith of all religions in the world. The traditional Vedic religion in which God is worshipped in both real and formless structure. It is a faith based on the Vedas, which contains many special practices, beliefs, sects, and beautiful philosophies. It is the third largest religion in the world by number of followers, most of its worshippers are in India and Nepal. Though it is worshipped by many Gods and Goddesses, it is in fact a monotheistic religion. This faith is so vast in itself that different religions continue to come out of it from time to time, some old traditions continue to break and some new ones are joining, some old beliefs remain as they are and some beliefs are included in it. Let’s see will Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) helps you in fighting with corona?

Nowadays, corona virus is the biggest problem in the whole world and now India is battling it. But you all forget that India is a country which is the foundation of Sanatan Dharma. As we all participate in the clapping together at 5 pm during Janta curfew, which is requested by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji.  Do not take this appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Bharat Vashi lightly. Everyone understood what he said and explained. But one thing, which he did not explain, we understood from the experts of Indian culture and science. Do you know the truth behind this important step to save Bharat from corona virus? Let’s see some rituals which help us to fight against corona virus.

  • Clapping
  • Ringing of the bell
  • Manjeera Beats
  • Drummer

Tali-thali-bell should be played by faith and trust, know its scientific importance. Sanatana Dharma has ritual to play clapping, ringing bells, manjeera beats and drummer in temple home to spread positivity. This is because these rituals have a scientific reason in Sanatana Dharma. The sound that comes out of these instruments is very helpful for our environment. I know when you were participating in the clapping together at 5 pm during Janta curfew, you must be feeling the vibration of clapping, ringing bells, manjeera beats.

The practice of placing bells at temple gates and at special places has been in practice since ancient times. But what is the spiritual and scientific significance of this bell? Not only is there a spiritual reason behind the situation of the bell in the temple, but there are also so many scientific reasons behind the sound comes from the bell. Scientists say that when the bell is rung, a vibration occurs in the atmosphere, which goes far due to the atmosphere. The benefit of this vibration is that all the bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms that come in its area are destroyed, which purifies the surrounding environment. Therefore, the surroundings of the places where the sound of bells comes regularly is always pure and holy. This removes negative energies. By removing negativity opens the door to prosperity.

Himani Agyani is an Eminent Astrologer who has chosen Tarot Cards Reading in the Vedic Astrology discipline as her Dreaming Career. In the year 2002, she is Doctorate in Naturopathy Yoga and Meditation. She has become the person, what she definitely wanted to become in her life. She is an expert of Tarot Cards Reading, with an excellent level of intuitive and calculative in nature. Tarot Cards Reading is her passion and it is in her blood as well. She was born in a Brahmin Family (Uttrakhand, India) where her Grand Father and other senior generations were actively involved in the spiritual practices.

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