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Himani “Agyani”

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Himani "Agyani"

We never choose our destiny, it’s destiny that chooses individuals for specific reasons. It was her destiny that she was introduced to tarot card reading as well as astrology. Dr. Himani Jolly was born in a traditional Hindu family, where performing spiritual practices was a norm for every person in senior generations. Her grandfather, parents and other family members taught her secret rituals.

Himani J. is a very simple woman, a caring wife and a proud mother of a darling daughter. Her parents are astrologers and have been practicing astrology for several decades. Her father is well-versed with mathematics, that’s the reason, his astrology calculation never fails. He predicts future with accurate timings of occurrences. On the other hand, Himani’s mother has boon of intuition and sixth sense fueled with God’s divine energy.

In addition to this, her grandfather and uncles were initiated in ‘SHANKARACHARYA’ and ‘NATH YOGIS’s traditions. Himani’s maternal uncle is a renowned practitioner of ‘Chakra Awakening’ yoga system. It was her good luck that all of them taught Himani core secrets of the highly respected spiritual path.

It was 23 January, 1997, when Himani was introduced to her love and passion ‘TAROT CARDS’. She was in Delhi to visit a book exhibition. A Tarot Deck attracted her attention, unfortunately she had not enough money to buy it. One of her friends gave money to buy it. This incident was a turning point in her life. Interestingly, Himani J just wanted to gift that Tarot Deck to her mother, but could not. In nineties, tarot card reading was a very rare phenomenon. Therefore she wanted to make her mother to use it. Her mother refused to accept it, as she was not comfortable with English. But she gave Himani a new responsibility to translate English literature into Hindi to ease her work.

Once Himani started to read, it enchanted her completely. She never looked back. Though she could not teach her mother till today, but she have trained thousands of students who learn the divine science from Himani and are doing very well in the field.

She invented several new techniques to predict accurate timings of future occurrences. In 2002, she completed her research work on Yoga and Meditation. During that time she developed interest in meditation, hypnosis, past life regression and other spiritual things. Once again her destiny provided Himani opportunity to read Swami Yogananda’s book “Autobiography of a Yogi’, It changed her life completely giving her more patience, calmness and maturity at emotional and spiritual level.

In 2004, she started to teach hypnotherapy, NLP, past life regression, coffee cup reading and crystal ball gazing techniques. Since today she has trained thousands of students. It gave her new experience, it made her more generous, beautiful and mature in terms of understanding others.

Currently she works with ‘International School of astrology and divine Sciences’. The organization conducts classes, seminar and special tours for individual or groups. Besides this, she is working for an NGO entitled ‘Maitraya Organization’ also where they help the slum area children to get quality education. This NGO provides free meal, books, stationery, school uniform and whatever kids need to get good education. Himani says, “It’s our pleasure and duty to help poor, who are lacking financial, social and other supports to live a good life.”

She believes that we should help everybody, if we can. Her profession gives her this opportunity. It gives her a satisfaction when people trust Himani and she helps them to conquer their problems. She accepts it as a challenge and divine boon. She makes her every effort to bring happiness in other’s life, especially who have faith in her.

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Appreciations and Awards

→ Jyotisha Padam Bhushan by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage.

→ Jyotisha Maharishi Award by Katyayani Jyotisha Sansthan, Mumbai.

→ Samatvam Award by Third Eye Spiritual Research Foundation.

→ Bharat Bhusan Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Calcutta.

→ K P Staler Astrological Research Institute has awarded Prof. K.S. Memorial Award.

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Awards and achievements of “Himani jolly”

Weekly zodiac prediction column for rajasthan patrika 2005 to 2008.
Weekly zodiac prediction for dainik bhasker 2008 to 2010
radio city astrologer jaipur
radio city astrologer
Daily morning show with radio city 91.1 fm from 2007 to till now

Every Monday live show with Zee rajasthan from 2015 to till now
Columbia usniversity
columbia - Copy
Done a documentary on vedic astrology in India for Colombia university, USA.
“Jyotish Mahrishi” 2007, all India federation society of astrologers. New delhi
वार्षिक राशिफल 2022
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