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India is a country which has ever always been pictured as the land of magicians and charmers of intense occult. Since old times, India has been at the bleeding edge of study and absorption of paranormal. Numerous occult and mysterious controls were initiated here and developed to achieve a definitive apex. In the meantime, India Imbibed mystery in all arrangements from diverse parts of the world yet tragically, much of this information vanished in the layers of time. On the other hand, of whatsoever is left of this art, is ample enough to awestruck even the skeptic men of this advanced world now. India has various interlinked abstemious customs and philosophical tutoring frameworks which plan to look into Divine energies and the obtaining of mystical forces. Chronicle Vedas give rational elucidations and annotations of the Upnishads; an incomprehensible accumulation of aged hymns.

International School of Astrology and Divine Sciences (ISADS) objectify to offer a full scope of these subjects under one roof:

  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Krishnamurti Practice called KP Astrology
  • Ramal Shastra: practice of future prediction by rolling Dices
  • Vastu Shastra: Ancient Indian architectural set of rules interweaved with standards of circulating energy fields of life
  • Palmistry
  • Crystal Ball Reading
  • Dowsing
  • Numerology
  • Hypnotism
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Karamkand: The procedure of Homa and other planetary cures
  • Lal Kitab Jyotish
  • Healing ( Vashistha Vidya )
  • Angel Healing
  • Coffee/Tea Cup Reading

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Above are only a few of the cases of powerful learning.

International School of Astrology and Divine Science is focused on a particularly minding ethos and an extraordinary learning approach, our scholastic system is adjusted with special prominence on self-improvement and uplifting of positive attitude. Whilst we strive to mold students’ universal mindedness, we also urge them to acknowledge the vital characteristics of their own conventional qualities, scholarly legacy and social desires. We inspire our students for the difficulties of the current, progressively globalized world while in the meantime developing in them the passion of living a selfless life, a definite feeling of their own social attitude, and a guarantee to bring about a significant change in this world.
International School of Astrology and Divine Sciences is built by Acharya Anupam Jolly and Dr. Himani J on fifth October 2004. Till today a great many understudies have learn numerous awesome sciences from this establishment. Inside few years organization has accomplished great notoriety around the globe. Organization is known for good quality instruction framework and for transient and complete courses where employees regard your time and cash; all work forces are limited to esteem your quality time which ought not to be wasted. If you wish to be an expert Astrologer or some other advisor then this is the best organization on the planet where you can learn these subjects with thorough insight in brief time. Our foundation would give you certification, and complete help for your vocation. All courses are planned efficiently for your accommodation and in the event that you are starting from the basic most stage, we will teach you from the point 0. You can take your course audit in every new cluster. Related course material will be given by the organization like books, note pads, a deck of Tarot cards/ Ramal dices/ Vastu Compass/ Panchang and so on.

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Our Institute is organizing training sessions all through the world. So if any of you wish to be a part of it or you want to lead workshop in your city or town then you can approach our organization.

  • To advertise training in the field of crystal gazing and related subjects.
  • We wish to oversee, regulate and arrange training and preparing revolves around the globe.
  • To distribute books and magazines, instructive and specialized materials this must be identified with celestial subjects.
  • To advertise the majority of our understudies we compose workshops, gatherings, workshops, and open gatherings.
  • Establishment gives extraordinary and diverse stages to each understudy in their household ranges.
  • To evacuate all the myths and negative reputations, which are discoloring the picture of these celestial instructions?
  • To spread mindfulness in our general public; “why everybody ought to learn crystal gazing”.

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