Himani “Agyani”
Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer | Delhi & Jaipur, India

Himani “Agyani”

Tarot Card Reader | Astrologer, Jaipur & Delhi, India

**************** Counseling From  Himani “Agyani” ****************

You can Directly Consult with Himani “Agyani” by booking an Appointment. To Book your Appointment Please call us on “9636243039” or mail us on himanijolly@hotmail.com.

Counseling Fee : Rs.31000 Per Question.

**************** हिमानी जी से Direct Counseling हेतु ****************

आप Direct हिमानी जी से उत्तर जानने के “9636243039” पर call कर के Appointment Book कर सकते हैं |

काउंसलिंग फ़ीस : Rs.31000 प्रति प्रश्न।


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