Does Your Zodiac Sign point out You’re an Empathy?

Did you know your zodiac sign in astrology can point out you are extremely susceptible or an Empath? Learn how to utilize your astrological birth natal chart to find out the signs and better keep yourself from negative harmful energy, people and surroundings. Here you can learn with best tarot card reader in delhi, which astrological mineral will help protect your aura. Empath are very wish and also have enigmatic nature as the hide things from us. You can also read my article on 11 secret, empaths people try to hide from us by click here.

 Empath Astrology

Not many people seem to know this, but there is an understandable relationship between certain symbols of the zodiac and your level of empathy and supernatural sensitivity. This is often a pointer that someone is an Empath. An Empath is someone that deeply feels others feelings and emotions, often puzzling them with their own. Empaths and highly susceptible people can be like a soft sponge, they can soak up negative energies into their aura if they are not vigilant.

Understanding The Water Signs

In astrology, the 12 signs of the zodiac are managed by each special element like:

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water

There are three signs in each one element group. The water signs are measured the very sensitive, emotional, psychic and insightful to energy. These are the Empath astrology indicator. All three of these signs are empathic to some scale and they are generally Empaths.

Water Signs are :

  • Scorpio
  • Cancer
  • Pisces

Empathic Sun Signs

Most individuals know their Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign or Sun zodiacs. These are the sign of the zodiac that the Sun situated in at the time of your birth. Your Sun sign can signify a major part of your characteristics and uniqueness, self appearance and life force energy.

If your Sun sign is from water signs as Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this point to your huge sensitivity to energy and could be a point that you are an Empath.

How You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

But sensitivity does not prevent there, our personality, individuality, character to being them self. Personality does not just depend on our Sun Sign. The situation of other planets and astrological arc at the time of your birth paint a deeper image of who we are into Astrology. The further 2 signs you should believe are your Moon Sign and your growing Sign (also known as your rising). These make up your core individuality and go much deeper.

If you have ever asked an Astrologer or have a copy of your birth Chart (also known as your Natal Chart) then you will likely previously know your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign. This is precious information that can also point out how empathic you are. If you don’t know this then you can find it out (see the section below).

Empathic Moon Signs

Your Moon Sign is the symbol of the zodiac the Moon was positioned in at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign can symbolize your moods, receptiveness to energy, emotions, perception and intuition.

If your Moon sign is either Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this point to that you are empathic, highly sensitive, and you may be an Empath who has strong emotions. Some Astrologers consider that the Moon Sign being a water sign is a real painter of an Empath.

Empathic Rising Signs

Your Rising Sign is the symbol of the zodiac that was growing over the eastern sphere at the time of your birth. Your Rising symbol can signify how you interrelate with the outer world, your personal limitations and how you defend yourself. If your Rising sign is either Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this also point out that you are extremely sensitive, empathic and you may be an Empath with defensive emotion.

 Multiple Water Signs?

If you have manifold of water signs in your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Rising Sign then this can increase your sensitivity.

 Many Planets in Water Signs

Possibly you don’t have any water symbols as your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising sign? The power of these water signs can show up in further parts of the Birth Chart. They can also show up as plenty of Planets or arc in any of the water signs. Having 2 or 3 other planets in Pisces for in case.

 What If I Don’t See Any Water Signs Here?

A specialized and expert Astrologer may find other signs when looking at your natal chart. If you previously know you’re an Empathic, then don’t let this put you off. It might not always show up as Empath astrology symbols. Astrology is just one more way to look at ourselves, but nothing is 100% for everybody. In my books I am listing dozens of natures of people that are extremely sensitive to energy or are often empathy in any case of astrology.

 So If you Have Water Signs, Now What?

As an extremely sensitive person and probably an Empath you must defend your energy. Why? Because if we continually take others energy and negativity it is extremely hard to think visibly and be yourselves. It is better to set obvious personal and energetic limitations. There are many ways to sort and protect your aura, spiritual protection techniques are one of the most excellent.

Psychic defense Crystals For Water Signs

I also advise you wear or carry defensive crystals, especially at work or when you are out in hectic public places. There are many crystals you could use as a perceptive and sensitive Empath person. Here is a way to prefer a defensive crystal based on the manifestation of water signs in your birth Chart.

All 3 of these water symbols will excel from Aqua Aura Quartz for spiritual protection. As well as a universal water sign defense stone you can also choose a crystal by your precise sign (Sun, Moon or Rising sign). If you have more than single water sign you can unite two or more of these gravel.

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Himani Agyani is an Eminent Astrologer who has chosen Tarot Cards Reading in the Vedic Astrology discipline as her Dreaming Career. In the year 2002, she is Doctorate in Naturopathy Yoga and Meditation. She has become the person, what she definitely wanted to become in her life. She is an expert of Tarot Cards Reading, with an excellent level of intuitive and calculative in nature. Tarot Cards Reading is her passion and it is in her blood as well. She was born in a Brahmin Family (Uttrakhand, India) where her Grand Father and other senior generations were actively involved in the spiritual practices.

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