Leo Horoscope 2022

Leo horoscope 2022

Leo horoscope 2020  

Leo horoscope 2022

Individuals belonging to Leo zodiac sign are bold intelligent and courageous. The individuals belonging to Leo seek a balance between life and relaxation. Leo people are always optimistic, kind, loyal and honest but sometimes they are the victim of laziness pride and arrogance.

As the horoscope 2022 suggests that year 2022 is going to be all about honor, prestige, and authority as the ruler planet of your zodiac, Sun, is sitting in the fifth house of your birth chart. This is the time for auspicious circumstances and advancement of work life. As the moon is present in the 7th house you are lucky to get the support from a partner in your life whether it is your life partner or the work partner. If you are unmarried there are chances to get married this year.

Those who are in a relationship will have a blissful and romantic time this year.

The year is going to be profitable in matters of property because the lord of Fortune, Mars is present in the 4th house which indicates the chances of purchasing a new house or a vehicle or property. The presence of Venus in 10th house and that of Rahu in the 11th house makes you work hard and travel this year just like it was in the last year.

Those who want a child may get good news because the presence of Sun with Rahu and Ketu is making favorable circumstances for you. Students and people aiming for higher education will succeed and those who are planning to study abroad will also get chances to fulfill their desire.

With the retrograde movement of Saturn, you can face troubles but it will also give you the strength to fight and emerge victoriously. It is advisable for you not to take stress as it will affect your personal life.

From the 24th of January, Saturn will set into the 6th  house of your zodiac and it will increase the number of enemies and cause harmful effects on your health.

On March 30 when Jupiter will move into the Capricorn which is positioned at the sixth place of your zodiac the chances of success will be created for you. You can find success at national and international levels too.

As Jupiter and Saturn are creating good circumstances for your birth chart Don’t miss the opportunity and get benefited by the circumstances.

You will get a magnificent amount of auspiciousness when Jupiter will turn retrograde in Capricorn on 14th May. With the retrograde movement of Jupiter on 30th June to Sagittarius, you will be filled encouraged and at this time you will start dreaming again for your future.

With Jupiter moving progressive on September 13 you will see your plants becoming active and with the progression of Saturn, all the problems will start to decline. On 29th September when Saturn will return to its original state, the conditions bring relief to your health and workplace gradually reducing your mental stress.

This year is remarkable because Rahu is also changing the zodiac sign on September 23. It is changing its place in the Taurus, which will impact your workhouse. You will work better and perform with high efficiency and definitely, you will achieve success because Rahu will be in the higher prospect.

As Ketu will enter the 4th house this year, you will need to keep an eye on your mother’s health.

The transition of Jupiter in Capricorn from 20th November will further provide you with good results.

Overall the year is going to be very good for Leo individuals who are seeking marriage, promotion, and success in their life.

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