Pisces horoscope 2022
Pisces horoscope 2020

Pisces horoscope 2022

Pisces horoscope 2022

Individuals belonging to Pisces zodiac signs are empathetic, artistic, emotional, selfless and natural healers. They have a boundless capacity for empathy for everyone.

The year is rewarding for Pisces people as the tenth house of this zodiac sign will be occupied by Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu which will provide auspicious circumstances. The time is to make a career as you will get many new opportunities for it. If you are a businessman the year is for your immense success the owner of the zodiac, Jupiter, is present in its sign which will give extra benefits to you. You can get promotions, appraisals and support and respect from your seniors. Your 9th house is occupied by Mars, this indicates chances of positive results for you.

Your spouse will also get benefits as the Mercury is sitting along with Sun. Again Jupiter with Mercury is also creating circumstances for unmarried people to get married. There are chances that you will visit new places this year.

Saturn is changing position from your workplace to the place of income in your zodiac chart. This will result in increasing your income leaps and bounds along with the expenses. There are also some possibilities for health issues.

The change of Jupiter on 30th March will continue the chances of getting benefits and auspiciousness in terms of health and wealth. Your hard work will give you results this year.

On 11th May onwards when Saturn will go retrograde you can feel some slow down in terms of money flow and increase in the physical problems but, with the progression of Saturn on 29th September you will again gain some space.

Again when Jupiter will go retrograde on 14th May you will get positive results. There are chances of getting a life partner for those who are unmarried.

After the movement of Jupiter into Sagittarius on June 30, you will complete your pending tasks. And with the progressive turn of Jupiter on September 13, you will prepare for your future and work on your plans. Along with Jupiter’s return into Capricorn, on 20th November you will start getting positive results regarding your previously incomplete plans.

At the beginning of the year, you will feel confused as Rahu will be present in the 4th house at that time. You will need to take precautions while purchasing a new vehicle or home from anyone.

The predictions say that you will work hard to get success because Ketu will be situated in the 10th house of your zodiac. But don’t worry you will be successful. On September 23, Rahu will change its position.

After this change, Rahu will change its position to the 3rd house of Taurus and you will feel encouraged to take risks and succeed in them. Predictions also indicate that you can get a chance to travel abroad. On the other hand, Ketu will increase your interest in spirituality and you can visit some spiritual places on your pilgrimage. Around the same time, your luck will also favor you.

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