Scorpio horoscope 2022

Scorpio horoscope 2022

Scorpio horoscope 2020

Scorpio horoscope 2022

The most intense sign of the zodiac, Scorpio makes an individual passionate, focused, brave, loyal, and faithful. The ruler planet of Scorpio is Pluto. Scorpio individuals are born natural leaders.

This year, mars set into the Scorpio due to which individual of Scorpio zodiac sign will find success in every aspect of life. The circumstances are going such that they will favor you to buy a new vehicle. The predictions indicate that you will have good health throughout the year. Your second house is giving the indications that you will receive positive results and this will increase your honor and authority. The position of the moon in your 9th house and the site of the mars on it is making the circumstances that you can get unexpectedly good results. In this year you will focus and achieve the things you were working on. You will feel impatient during this time because of the presence of Saturn.

The important transit of the Saturn on 24th January will increase the happiness but will affect your younger siblings. You have to keep an eye on your younger sibling’s health.

On 30th March, the Lord of the 5th house of your zodiac, Jupiter, is present in the second house of your zodiac along with Saturn. This is making favorable conditions for you. The conditions will make circumstances of getting success for you.

The predictions say that due to the vision of Jupiter on your 9th house you can get plenty of good fortune this year. Jupiter is also drawing its vision on your 7th  house from the fifth house. This will make your family life happy.

You can face sudden problems at your workplace due to the retrogradation of Saturn on May 11. Also, your third house is affected by the movement of Mars which can create some negativity during this time.

But after 14th may when Jupiter will move to Capricorn you will be able to make some good results.

With the movement of Jupiter back into Sagittarius around 30th  June, you will feel some pace in your pending works and you will also resolve some monitory problems. This time will give you and your family a very happy time.

You will receive a lot of wealth after September 13 because Jupiter will turn progressive in Sagittarius. This is the time when students can start their education and the Scorpio individuals will experience good health.

Due to the position of Rahu in the 8th  house of your zodiac, there are chances that you may change your living place or renew it.

But with the change of Rahu on September 23rd, you can get some problems in your married life.

You need to have patience during this time as Ketu is also entering your birth chart. This is the time when singles can find their partners and can also marry.

Again the circumstances will become favorable as Jupiter will come back to Capricorn.

Overall, the year will be good and prosperous for Scorpio individuals.

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