Virgo horoscope 2022

Virgo horoscope 2022

Virgo horoscope 2020

Virgo horoscope 2022

The sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo is known for making its individuals perfectionists. Individuals of Virgo are intelligent, analytical, honest, reliable, and above all perfectionists. They are very talented but as no one is perfect they also have some flaws.

The horoscope 2022 says that the year is going to be auspicious for you. You will get auspicious results because both your destiny and your works are pointing towards this. The Lord of the zodiac is Mercury and it is in variance with Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, and Saturn which is creating favorable circumstances for you.

This year the Mercury is present in your workhouse and is drawing vision into the 7th house indicating that this year you will be successful and will create new plans for your career. The association of Mercury with the Sun is providing the strength which will be beneficial in your future. Venus who is the lord of the 9th house is strengthening your luck with the presence of Saturn in 5th house the circumstances are creating opportunities in the field of education and for children.

As Jupiter is at the center it is making highly auspicious circumstances and you will get good outcomes regarding prosperity happiness and from your maternal side. You can buy a house or a new property. Your love life will be smooth and blissful due to the influence of Jupiter. Females can also find a suitable partner during this time.

You can face some problems because of the presence of Rahu in your 10th House at your workplace, but you will face all the problems and obstacles with all your strength because Mars is present in your 3rd house. You will influence your younger ones and relatives this year.

With the change of Saturn on 24th January, you will find some good news and at the same time, Saturn’s movement will come to an end in your birth chart. This will enhance the pace of your work.

With the entrance of Jupiter into Capricorn where Saturn already exists when official results will be created in your chart. You will get the opportunity for higher education and couples waiting for a child can have a child during this time. You will be lucky in terms of your health because of the vision of Jupiter on your 9th house.

After May 11th you can face some health-related issues but if you will stick to a regular schedule you won’t get many problems. You can have some problems regarding your education and marriage but as soon as Saturn turns progressive on 29th September you will get relieved from these problems. You will find all your work on the track.

With the retrogradation of Jupiter on 14th May, you will find that the results of your work are very slow but as soon as Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on 30th June, the things and issues will get resolved. From September 13th onwards, all your pending work will align at the place and from 20th November you will find beneficial times for you.

On September 23 Rahu- Ketu will change their place into the ninth house of your zodiac. You will face some problems and become less faithful to the right. You will become short-tempered and move on your toes about everything. You can face some differences and problems with your younger siblings as Ketu is changing its place to your third house. You have to be attentive while driving on the road and apart from this you might end up taking small trips for your work.

Overall the year is average to good for the individuals of Virgo.

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